Thank you to the attendees of ASHG in Baltimore and NSGC in Pittsburgh

In October 2015, PC PAL attended two major events in Genetics in the USA and they would like to thank everyone that stopped by and took some time to meet with them and discover PedigreeXP, their fast and intuitive pedigree drawing and managing software.

What a pleasure to see how people are interested in PedigreeXP and that our product really meets their expectations.

Among PedigreeXP features, the followings were particularly appreciated:

  • Import and export of files in specific formats: what a gain in time when you import your file and pedigrees are drawn automatically in the application in seconds.
  • Shades and colors to indicate diseases: it indeed represents a real plus when you can visualize things faster or when printing in black and white.
  • Managing complex family pedigrees was also mentioned: PedigreeXP was developed so complex relationships are easy to draw and to identify.

Of course, we also paid attention to your ideas, those are precious impulses to keep on improving the tool to match the needs of as many people as possible.

Finally, we also appreciated the organizational aspect of both events and we’re happy that we have contributed to their largest success ever.

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