PedigreeXP outstanding new updates

As a result of meeting with our users and listening to their feedback, PC PAL has just released a new version of the fastest and the most accurate pedigree drawing and data management tool with some outstanding features:
Drastically improved display and organization of complex pedigrees:
Crossing line jumpers
Multiple marriages merged into horizontal lines
Consanguinity support for intergenerational marriages

Full and customizable pedigree data export and import:
Select pedigree data fields and create your templates
Phenotype and genotype data, relationships, consanguinity, twins and pregnancy, notes, updated by…
Share data with your colleagues using delimited text files or by simply copying data to Excel

Easy integration of PedigreeXP generated drawings into your existing workflow:
Import your pedigrees into your EMR
Retrieve pedigrees directly from your genetic database, print or export it a PDF
Manage major family tree formats (PED, GEDCOM, Cyrillic…) in PedigreeXP

Improved Windows tablet and touch screen support:
Add children, parents and siblings
Create and adjust relationships
Join siblings into twins or multiples

Enjoy the updated version of PedigreeXP!
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