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Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society

Let’s meet at the Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society in Kiel, September 28-30, 2015!
Come and visit us at our booth #1 to discover the latest features of our PedigreeXP software.
We’ll be delighted to answer your questions and let you try out the application! For those who can’t wait, you can already download a free trial and we’ll be glad to hear your feedback when you visit us in Kiel, Germany.

Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society

Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society – Visit us at our booth #1!


ESHG 2015, Glasgow, Monday

Quote of the day

Hello, I’m looking for the best pedigree drawing software.
They told me to come and see you.


PC PAL Booth#346, European Society of Human Genetics conference, Glasgow 2015

The PC PAL team had three successful days of meeting with customers at ESHG 2015. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

Get your PedigreeXP free trial!

ESHG 2015, Glasgow, Sunday


Glasgow, Scotland

The second day of the ESHG 2015 conference was again well attended and kept us busy all day. PedigreeXP’s look and feel has impressed, with clear symbols, good visual overview, great zoom features and easy controls to add new family members and set characteristics of affected family members.

“It’s been very exciting to hear about the various projects and needs in the genetics community and we look forward to continue these discussions more in-depth with you over the next few months.” said Jani Söderhäll, the Managing Director of PC PAL and added “We know we have a great product and it’s been a true pleasure showing the demanding audience how this tool can ease their work”.

Our visualization engine comes from our 20+ years of experience with high quality on-screen presentations of growth charts to track all aspects of children’s growth. An area where we are a market leader. We’re reusing that same engine in our pedigree drawing tool for instantly redrawn pedigrees as they are built up and to make sure even very large pedigrees are easily appreciated and accessible on screen.


PC PAL booth #346, ESHG 2015, Glasgow

If you’re at ESHG now, come visit us to pick up your free trial version!

ESHG 2015, Glasgow, Saturday

We’d like to thank all visitors who stopped by the PC PAL booth today to see the first public presentation of our latest version. Although PedigreeXP is still in preparation for release the response was very positive, confirming that we’re on the right path to produce the most user friendly, easy-to-use general purpose pedigree chart drawing program. Numerous were the users that were given trial versions to be able to fully evaluate it.


PC PAL booth #346, European Society of Human Genetics conference, Glasgow 2015


The program shown, now also available as a free trial, is the stand alone application for single users. It will be followed by the PedigreeXP Pro version, complying with electronic medical record requirements such as user authentication, audit trails, SQL Server data storage and allow sharing of pedigrees across a team.

For integration into hospital wide electronic health records the PedigreeXP Module will use the same full featured charting engine to provide pedigree drawing capability to the all medical staff within an organization. This is the same kind of technology we’ve used of the last 15 years to integrate our powerful growth chart engine into many electronic medical record systems in Europe and the USA.

Contact us to learn more about the integration capabilities of PedigreeXP!

Draw a three-generation pedigree with PedigreeXP within seconds!

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All you need to do is enter some basic information on the proband patient in the “Start new pedigree” screen.

No need to fill in a multi-page questionnaire for that. PedigreeXP has taken a different approach to adapt to your busy daily clinical practice.

Proband gender is the only mandatory data to start drawing a pedigree. Then you can add his/her relationships: siblings, spouse, children. Other data can be entered later if the current consultation doesn’t allow you to go through detailed family history of each family member.

A personalized pedigree title and a family ID can be added to help you organize your pedigree files.

Your pedigree is ready and you can start go through the family history interpretation immediately.

PedigreeXP - Draw a pedigree in seconds

PedigreeXP – Draw a pedigree in seconds

Check PedigreeXP other outstanding features.

Concevez un arbre généalogique sur trois générations en quelques secondes avec PedigreeXP !

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Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c’est d’entrer les informations de base concernant le proband dans l’écran de saisie « Start new pedigree ».

Nul besoin de remplir un questionnaire de plusieurs pages pour cela. PedigreeXP a choisi une approche complètement différente pour répondre aux besoins de votre pratique quotidienne.

Seule la saisie du genre du proband est requise pour démarrer le dessin de l’arbre généalogique. Ajoutez ensuite ses relations familiales en quelques clics : frères, sœurs, enfants, époux/épouse. Le reste des informations pourra être saisi plus tard si vous n’avez pas le temps d’aller en détail dans l’histoire familiale durant la première consultation.

Vous pouvez également personnaliser l’arbre en lui donnant un titre et en attribuant un identifiant de famille.

Votre arbre généalogique est dessiné et vous pouvez en commencer son interprétation immédiatement.

PedigreeXP - Dessiner un arbre généalogique en quelques secondes

PedigreeXP – Dessiner un arbre généalogique en quelques secondes

Découvrir les autres fonctionnalités de PedigreeXP.

Import existing family trees


PedigreeXP import

If you already created genealogy or genetic family trees using other tools, it is easier and easier to import them into PedigreeXP and complete them with genetic information. Recent versions can import for you Cyrillic, GEDCOM and BOADICEA file formats.

Once imported, the chart can be completed with persons, relationships and examination results, allowing a better understanding of the affection in the drawn family.

Get your PedigreeXP trial here.

European Human Genetics conference 2015

Let’s meet at ESHG, Glasgow 6-9 June 2015!

We will have the pleasure to present you our PedigreeXP software. Be the first one to discover our new features such as “Quick start wizard”, “Auto-arrange layout, “Advanced search and zoom” and many more!

Our team will be delighted to answer your questions and let you try it out!


Come and visit us at our booth #346 and you will be given a USB flash drive with a free trial!