ESHG 2015, Glasgow, Saturday

We’d like to thank all visitors who stopped by the PC PAL booth today to see the first public presentation of our latest version. Although PedigreeXP is still in preparation for release the response was very positive, confirming that we’re on the right path to produce the most user friendly, easy-to-use general purpose pedigree chart drawing program. Numerous were the users that were given trial versions to be able to fully evaluate it.


PC PAL booth #346, European Society of Human Genetics conference, Glasgow 2015


The program shown, now also available as a free trial, is the stand alone application for single users. It will be followed by the PedigreeXP Pro version, complying with electronic medical record requirements such as user authentication, audit trails, SQL Server data storage and allow sharing of pedigrees across a team.

For integration into hospital wide electronic health records the PedigreeXP Module will use the same full featured charting engine to provide pedigree drawing capability to the all medical staff within an organization. This is the same kind of technology we’ve used of the last 15 years to integrate our powerful growth chart engine into many electronic medical record systems in Europe and the USA.

Contact us to learn more about the integration capabilities of PedigreeXP!