ESHG 2015, Glasgow, Sunday


Glasgow, Scotland

The second day of the ESHG 2015 conference was again well attended and kept us busy all day. PedigreeXP’s look and feel has impressed, with clear symbols, good visual overview, great zoom features and easy controls to add new family members and set characteristics of affected family members.

“It’s been very exciting to hear about the various projects and needs in the genetics community and we look forward to continue these discussions more in-depth with you over the next few months.” said Jani Söderhäll, the Managing Director of PC PAL and added “We know we have a great product and it’s been a true pleasure showing the demanding audience how this tool can ease their work”.

Our visualization engine comes from our 20+ years of experience with high quality on-screen presentations of growth charts to track all aspects of children’s growth. An area where we are a market leader. We’re reusing that same engine in our pedigree drawing tool for instantly redrawn pedigrees as they are built up and to make sure even very large pedigrees are easily appreciated and accessible on screen.


PC PAL booth #346, ESHG 2015, Glasgow

If you’re at ESHG now, come visit us to pick up your free trial version!