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First time for us at Nutrition & Growth 2018


We’ll be exhibiting at Nutrition & Growth for the first time this year. Whereas we often exhibit as pediatric endocrine meetings, N&G will allow us to showcase our growth monitoring solutions to a group that may be less familiar with our world class growth chart software. We’re looking forward to the feedback we can get from this very international group.

Stop by and talk to us in Nantes, January 2018


Meet us at the 9:th French congress on Human genetic sicience in Nantes January 24-26, 2018. Stop by and talk to us about your pedigree needs. Ask us how we can help you integrate our engine into your working environment. Or, just grab a trial license and run it on your own PC. PedigreeXP is now available in multiple versions: standalone, for work groups or as a component integrated into another system. We might even give you a sneak peak at our full web version!

We hope to see you at ESHG in Milano

ESHG congress

We are pleased to announce our presence at the next ESHG congress, which will take place May 27 – 30, 2018. We hope many of you at our stand to introduce you to our newest innovations in family history recording, genealogy tree design and why not stop by and also talk about growth monitoring. This is also an opportunity for you to travel home with a full trial version of our software. See you there!

Bring new life to your genetic databases with PedigreeXP!

Did you know that PedigreeXP software can automatically generate your family trees from any genetic database?
All PC PAL software are designed to be integrated into electronic medical records. Thus, PedigreeXP software can be configured like an automaton that, when connected to your genetic data, draws your trees automatically and instantly.
Some of our customers have already chosen to use it this way. Their genetic data take on a new dimension: they are immediately viewable in the form of trees, specialists are able to share information and to make accurate diagnoses.
In addition, they benefit from the wide range of features and functionalities of PedigreeXP as any other user.

E-mail us for more information

American Society of Human Genetics conference in Vancouver – October 18-22, 2016

Meet us at the American Society of Human Genetics conference in Vancouver – October 18-22, 2016 – Booth #1410.

PC PAL at ASHG conference - booth #1410

PC PAL at ASHG conference – booth #1410

Stop by and take a minute to discover PedigreeXP, the #1 pedigree drawing software and get your free trial!
Make the most of this event to meet with our experts. Please contact us or call 00 33 1 69 53 46 20 to plan a meeting ahead.

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User testimonial

Mélanie Bérard – CHU Nord-Laënnec Nantes (University Hospital) France

(EN | FR)

“PedigreeXP is definitely intuitive”

Genetic counselor, Mélanie Bérard works in the Endocrinology Department of the Nord Laënnec Hospital in Nantes, France. She has been involved in the development of a care center for patients affected by familial hypercholesterolemia. Mélanie Bérard uses PedigreeXP daily.

Why did you choose PedigreeXP?

“My job is to screen people affected or at risk when there is a suspicion of family heredity or disposition. Thanks to PedigreeXP graphics engine, I can set accurate status to the members of a family: “Affected”, “Non-affected”, “Not examined”. This helps me visualize the family history and know “where we are” immediately. This way, I know precisely who I have to contact or get in touch with to initiate the cascade screening, or to address them to a doctor who will initiate the medical care.” 

What are the features that you like the most about PedigreeXP?

“PedigreeXP is definitely intuitive. Besides, I like the printing feature that lets the user set pedigrees layout.” Mélanie Bérard also highlights the management of complex pedigrees among PedigreeXP other product benefits.

How to print complex pedigrees

Download PedigreeXP free trial

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Mélanie Bérard – CHU Nord Laënnec de Nantes

(EN | FR)

“PedigreeXP est résolumment intuitif”

Conseillère en génétique, Mélanie Bérard travaille au sein du Service d’Endocrinologie du CHU Nord Laënnec de Nantes. Elle s’occupe plus particulièrement de développer un centre dédié à l’hypercholestérolémie familiale. Mélanie Bérard utilise PedigreeXP quotidiennement.

Pourquoi PedigreeXP ?

“Mon travail consiste à dépister les personnes atteintes d’hypercholestérolémie familiale ou qui présentent un risque lorsqu’il y a une suspicion d’hérédité familiale. Grâce au moteur graphique de PedigreeXP qui permet d’attribuer un statut clair aux membres d’une famille -« Atteint », « Non-atteint » « Inconnu » (dans l’application “Affected”, “Non-affected”, “Not examined”) -,  je peux visualiser instantanément l’histoire familiale et faire le point sur « Où en est-on ? ».  De cette façon, je sais exactement quels sont les membres de la famille que je dois informer ou relancer pour qu’ils soient dépistés et/ou adressés à un spécialiste qui débutera une prise en charge médicale».

Quels sont pour vous les bénéfices produit de PedigreeXP ?

“PedigreeXP est sans hésiter intuitif. Par ailleurs, j’aime ses fonctionnalités d’impression qui permettent de personnaliser la mise en page des arbres généalogiques. » Mélanie Bérard souligne également la gestion des familles nombreuses parmi les autres avantages produits de PedigreeXP.

Comment optimiser l’impression d’arbres génétiques complexes

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ESHG 2016 conference

Thanks to all of you who stopped by the PC PAL booth during the ESHG 2016 conference in Barcelona.

It was a real pleasure to see such a great interest in our PedigreeXP software. We wish a good three-month free trial to all of you. You forgot to ask for a free trial? Download it now.

PC PAL booth at ESHG 2016

PC PAL booth at ESHG 2016

More news on PedigreeXP – PedigreeXP features

More about PedigreeXP integration

Coefficient of consanguinity automatic calculation

Gain time in drawing and interpreting pedigrees linked to consanguineous marriages. PedigreeXP automatically calculates the coefficient of consanguinity and indicates it with a double-line.

Coefficient of consanguinity is the probability that a pair of alleles belonging to different individuals are the same, given their degree of common ancestry. Oxford Index

The offspring of consanguineous unions may be at increased risk to genetic disorders because of the expression of autosomal recessive gene mutations inherited from a common ancestor. The closer the biological relationship between parents, the greater is the probability that their offspring will inherit identical copies of one or more detrimental recessive mutations.

The coefficient of consanguinity is calculated and analysed to assist health professionals who provide genetic counseling and screening to related couples and their offspring.

It’s important for genetic counselors, geneticists or other health professionals to appropriately document and draw pedigrees of consanguineous marriages if present in the family.


PedigreeXP automatically calculates the coefficient of consanguinity.

PedigreeXP automatically calculates the coefficient of consanguinity.


More PedigreeXP features.

PC PAL at the ESHG conference

PC PAL team is eager to meet you at the European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG)  which will be held in conjunction with the European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics (EMPAG) on May 21-24, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

This will be the opportunity to present our PedigreeXP software and its updated features to the great community of ESHG attendees.

Meet PC PAL at ESHG in Barcelona - May 21-24

Meet PC PAL at ESHG in Barcelona – May 21-24

Take a minute to discover the #1 pedigree drawing and managing software and get your free trial!
Our experts will be here to answer all your questions about PedigreeXP integration in medical information systems. To plan a meeting ahead, contact us at or call us at 00 33 953 21 44 00.
We’re at booth #336!

Check PedigreeXP features

Download a free trial

More on integration

User testimonial


Alexander Damette – CHU Besançon (University Hospital) France

(EN | FR)

“PedigreeXP is a time-saving software”

Genetic and onco-genetic counselor, Alexander Damette has been working in genetics for 15 years and for 7 years at the CHU Besançon. He collaborates with a cancer geneticist and a Doctor of Science who tracks people affected by a genetic mutation. He talks about PedigreeXP.

Why PedigreeXP?

“After years of using Cyrillic software, I faced an incompatibility of my Cyrillic files with my computer system. To solve this situation, I started to evaluate different softwares. I finally chose PedigreeXP thanks to which I could keep my precious pedigrees and continue working with all my Cyrillic files. Today, I draw all new pedigrees with PedigreeXP.”

PedigreeXP product benefits

“Fast, intuitive and easy to use, PedigreeXP allows me to design my pedigrees during the consultations.” Furthermore, Mr. Damette highlights an essential quality of the product: the capture and export of BOADICEA data allowing it to simplify the calculation of scores.
Mr. Damette talks about PedigreeXP as a “time-saving software” which he recommends the use.

Download the free trial


Alexandre Damette – CHU de Besançon

(EN | FR)

“PedigreeXP est un logiciel de gain de temps”

Conseiller en génétique exerçant en onco-génétique, M. Alexandre Damette travaille dans la génétique depuis 15 ans, dont 7 ans au CHU de Besançon.
Il collabore avec un médecin onco-généticien et une attachée de recherche clinique qui assure le suivi des personnes porteuses d’une mutation génétique.

Pourquoi PedigreeXP ?

“Après plusieurs années d’utilisation du logiciel Cyrillic, j’ai été confronté à une incompatibilité de mes fichiers Cyrillic avec mon système informatique. Face à l’impossibilité d’ouvrir mes fichiers, j’ai évalué différents logiciels. Mon choix s’est porté sur PedigreeXP qui m’a permis de conserver mes précieux arbres généalogiques et de continuer à travailler avec tous mes fichiers Cyrillic. Aujourd’hui, je dessine tous les nouveaux arbres généalogiques avec PedigreeXP.”

Les bénéfices produit de PedigreeXP

“Rapide, intuitif et simple d’utilisation, PedigreeXP me permet de concevoir mes arbres généalogiques durant les consultations.”
Par ailleurs, M. Damette souligne un bénéfice produit primordial : la saisie et l’export des données BOADICEA qui lui permettent de simplifier le calcul des scores.
M. Damette parle de PedigreeXP comme “d’un logiciel de gain de temps” dont il recommande l’utilisation.

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